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SNC is an open-source network controller for the management of core network devices including programmable network services.

SNC is based on the existing open-source project Clixon.


  • YANG modeling and NETCONF configuration protocol
  • Programmable network services, with a Python API
  • Support for multiple devices, with different YANG schemas
  • Distributed transactions with validate/commit/revert across groups of devices
  • Scaling up to 100 devices
  • Interactive CLI and other northbound APIs

About the project

  • Started in December 2022
  • Used in 2024 to deploy the new SUNET CD 400Gb/s core network Juniper routers
  • Planned to be used by NORDUnet later in 2024
  • Network services developed in Python for BGP configuration, user administration, route filters and more

Source code and documentation


If you have any questions about SNC, please contact our project leader Kristofer Hallin